The Veteran Gamer Reenlisted

Military veterans as well as table-top war gamers who drink beer, talk shit and roll dice.  Talking about Warhammer 40K and other games.

The Veteran Gamer Reenlisted Podcast is a show by two Military Veterans and one nervous pooper who talk about Warhammer 40K. We drink beer, roll dice & talk shit, and not necessarily in that order. 


Show host Andy is a US Army Infantry Veteran & wargaming veteran.  His main Army in 40K is Tyranids, and he has had a love hate relationship with them for the last 10 years. He is also an avid beer enthusiast.  He enjoys tasting and promoting local beers and is usually to blame when the drinking takes the show off the rails.

Ray Finger.jpg

VGR Podcast Co-host Ray is a US Marine Corps Veteran. His main faction is Eldar and he was the 2018 ITC Best in Faction for Asuryani.  He is an aficionado of all of the space faeries. He specializes in killing and hating on Tau, so if you are into that sorta thing then he is the man for you.

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Richard “Pretty Dick” Cozart is the newest member of the VGR Crew. He isn’t a veteran just some street walker we found working the corner who happened to have some 40K skills. He is a Daemons of Chaos and Chaos Space Marine expert and finished 3rd in the 2018 ITC Best in Faction for Chaos Daemons.

Andy, Ray and Pretty Dick love big boobz and "phat" asses and they will let you know about it constantly. If we offend you... Keep listening because we will probably do it again.

If you don't like the show... EAT A DICK!

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