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Military veterans as well as table-top war gamers who drink beer, talk shit and roll dice.  Talking about Warhammer 40K and other games.

maximum effort

Are you like Andy?  Do you love the hobby as much if not more than the game.  Then this is the place for you.  Here we will display hobby progress and completed projects.

Do you have something to share with us? Hit us up on the CONTACT page or check us out on Facebook and we will find a way to send your pics or videos.  If we like what we see, we will add it here on the website and we may even mention it on the Veteran Gamer Reenlisted Podcast.

Enygma Hobbies

Jeff Hesch

Jeff is a lot like Andy in his love for the Hobby.  He sent us these amazing photos of his Khorne Zombies.

Jeff Molhoek

Andy's buddy Jeff lives out in Arizona and has no one to Warhammer with.  After listening to the podcast he got inspired to get back to some hobby work.  Here are a few of the items he sent us. 

Andy Gonzales

AdMech and Tyranids WiP.  Dunecrawlers have lighting effects from

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