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So Cal Open Day 2!

What a weekend! What an event! The boys from West Coast Arsenal finished up the So Cal Open with some very good results.  Ray took 4th Place and Best Ynnari, and Hayden took 21st and Best Chaos Daemons.  For the rest of the team no goose eggs, bilge rats, or wooden spoons.

We were joined by guests Jason Wolfe who ended up in 23rd and Best Cult Mechanicus, our friend James Carmona who took 5th place and Pablo Martinez from Frontline Gaming.  Thanks to Frontline gaming for the great weekend and a magnificent event.

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"Black and Blue Shift"  by Ryan Jovian


“Terraforming” from The Swarm is Coming by Dead Swarm

“The Demon in Me” from The Swarm is Coming by Dead Swarm

 “The Swarm is Coming” from The Swarm is Coming by Dead Swarm

“The Virus” by Dead Swarm

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