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"Big Daddy Pimp" Episode 31

Hobby Heroes.  With the aid of technology, we sit down with our good friend and Hobby hero Dave Cutts.  We talk about 40K, D&D, Shadespire and his gaming club Gamer’s Haven in Colton CA.  The gaming club, as opposed to a store, focuses more on providing a gaming experience and not just a retail experience.  If you are in San Bernardino region and are looking for a great 24 hour gaming experience, The Veteran Gamer Reenlisted highly recommends giving them a try.

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 “Terraforming” from The Swarm is Coming by Dead Swarm

“The Demon in Me” from The Swarm is Coming by Dead Swarm

 “The Swarm is Coming” from The Swarm is Coming by Dead Swarm

“The Virus” by Dead Swarm

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