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“#1 in his own mind and apparently his pants” Episode 41

Through the series of tubes known as the “Information Super Highway”, we could talk with Frankie Giampapa, “G-Pop”, from Frontline Gaming.   Ray and Frankie are a pair of fairy fuckers so we thought it would be good to get them both on Mic to talk about Dark Eldar.  You won’t catch Andy calling them Drukari.

During the recording Andy was drinking the Grapefruit Solis from Mike Hess Brewing in San Diego. 

“Grapefruit Solis kicks it up a notch by taking an awesome San Diego–style IPA and pumping it full of citrusy grapefruit—we're talking real fruit, zest and juice. The hops complement the zestiness, and the subtle malt makes this an award-winning, crisp, and deliciously refreshing India pale ale.” 16.5° Plato, 80 IBU, 7.5 ABV

It has an interesting wide mouthed can that makes the can more of a cup.  It was very tasty and it comes highly recommended. 

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 “Terraforming” from The Swarm is Coming by Dead Swarm

“The Demon in Me” from The Swarm is Coming by Dead Swarm

 “The Swarm is Coming” from The Swarm is Coming by Dead Swarm

“The Virus” by Dead Swarm

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