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Military veterans as well as table-top war gamers who drink beer, talk shit and roll dice.  Talking about Warhammer 40K and other games.


Andy returns from the BAO to give us his recap of the events.  Andy does a quick segment with the guys from the Salt shakers Pagecast at the end of day one.  At the end of the show we also take some listener voicemails.

What are we drinking? The boys from the Salt shaker Pagecast brought us some beers.  Andy drank the TROIS PISTOLES from Unibroue Brewing and Ray drank the Firefall Red from Tiog-Sequoia Brewing.  At the end of day one.  Andy also drank the Joaquin Murrieta Chile Beer also Tiog-Sequoia Brewing.

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 “Terraforming” from The Swarm is Coming by Dead Swarm

“The Demon in Me” from The Swarm is Coming by Dead Swarm

 “The Swarm is Coming” from The Swarm is Coming by Dead Swarm

“The Virus” by Dead Swarm

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