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"Not my fault" Episode 75

Andy, Ray and Pretty Dick, come back from their hibernation to give you guys the first real show of the year.

In the data slate we talk about the podcast, Andy is far from home after taking a job in Missouri. The format of the show will change a bit a we may not get to a once a week show but we will keep this show rolling. There was also some bolter news. We do some after action review. Andy gets some games in his new meta and wins his first RT. Ray and Pretty Dick talk about their LVO lists.

Check out Enygma Hobbies on Twitch. Our good friend Rob does some good maximum effort on Monday and Wednesday at 1130 and 2000 PST on Friday.  You can find a link to his stream in our Maximum Effort page.

We are proud to announce that Hammerhead Games will be doing a run of The Veteran Gamer Reenlisted branded 9" quick measure template and 2” objective markers. Check out Hammerhead Games for some of the best tabletop game accessories on the internet. Many of their products can also be found in your friendly local game store. Owner Tony is also a very good 40K player, so he knows what he is doing and what gamers need.

DEAD SWARM has released their new single “Coven”.  You can download your on Amazon Music or on Apple Music.

If you don’t have time for Maximum Effort but still want your models to look their best, check out the Valkyrie Paint Studio.  Tyler and Chris have painted almost all of Ray’s models and we highly recommend them both.

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 “Terraforming” from The Swarm is Coming by Dead Swarm

“The Demon in Me” from The Swarm is Coming by Dead Swarm

 “The Swarm is Coming” from The Swarm is Coming by Dead Swarm

“The Virus” by Dead Swarm

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